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Who IS this new Hetalia character?! I think I know!



If you’re in the Hetalia fandom (or even just on Tumblr a lot) you’ve probably seen this picture or something akin to it floating across your dash at least once since the announcement of the new manga strips. As the buzz continues on, I see some people asking…’WHO IS…

Hello followers,

I’ve decided that it’s best for my mental (and physical) health if I take a break from Tumblr, or at least from going through my dash, for maybe a month or so. I’ve been getting more depressed over the last few weeks than I have been for a long time, and after a particularly bad panic attack last night, I’ve realized that the atmosphere of Tumblr is partially to blame. I really wish I didn’t have to, but this is the best solution I can see.

I’ll probably still pop in to check on my messages, post a few things once in a while, and check a few blogs I know I can trust. I might also start replaying/liveblogging (?) Danger on Deception Island, because it’s one of those games that never fails to cheer me up. Other than that, I’ll mostly be on DeviantArt and FanFiction, and working on stuff that I wouldn’t have time to otherwise because of Tumblr.

I’m sorry I have to do this, but I don’t think I can handle it otherwise.

Thanks for understanding.


wanderingthroughwickford said: I actually only typed one INTJ among my favorite characters, and she’s one of my Harry Potter OCs from when I was younger. I guess I don’t have a lot of INTJs because most of my favorite characters aren’t that competent or ambitious. XD England’s a tough one to…


I know I talk a lot of shit about Star Wars episodes I-III but

I been watching Star Wars with Daughter of the house recently, and we just finished Episode I tonight

the way she reacted to the “Padme-is-Amidala” reveal is sort of making me re-think things

she loves

aimmyarrowshigh asked:

The Deadly Device? I had mixed feelings on its efficacy as an actual GAME, personally, even though I thought the graphics were hugely improved and stuff.


I liked DED a lot. Overall, I thought the plot was good - It was a refreshing change from their usual plots - and the characters were all good, especially Gray and his story with Niko. I also really enjoyed the ending, and felt, again, it was so different from their other games so it was good to see a change. The graphics were really good, but I don’t know much about that stuff so if it looks pretty, I like it. 

Having said that,I rather agree with you in a way. It’s not a favourite of mine to replay. I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoy the games in their first run, versus how much I enjoy replaying them - And it’s interesting to think about the difference in some games and my level of enjoyment over time. While I loved DED the first time I played it, replaying is a drag for me because it’s a very science-based game, and I’m not much into science. The puzzles were hard and difficult to do, and I don’t love that we keep having to sneak into the office. It is probably my least favourite out of all of the ‘Nik’ era of games. 

(Of course, I love that HER put out a science-based game considering all the discussion surrounding STEM subjects and women at the moment).

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